Me & Shirl

Me and Shirl

One of Con Nats most insightful and beautiful pieces. Me and Shirl is a short one man play about a man’s journey through the heightened trauma of cancer, to the other side. With the cancer now fully removed he is left with the aftermath of the experience and wonders what’s next.

This production is performed as part of Bite Sized Theatre at the 2013 Melbourne Fringe Festival at Broken Mirror. It won through it’s week of plays into the finals of the Bite Sized program.

Writer: Con Nats
Director: Eleni Alvertis
Cast: Patient – Gavin Williams

(Week 2) Sept 26th (9:30pm), Sept 27th (9:30pm), Sept 28th (4pm & 9:30pm)
Finals – Oct 3rd (9:30pm), Oct 4th (9:30pm), Oct 5th (4pm & 9:30pm)
Where: Broken Mirror
Location: Upstairs 2c Staley St Brunswick (just off Blythe St)
Bookings: Book Now
Tickets: $20 (includes drink or chocolate)