Rachel Baring

Rachel Baring

Rachel Baring is a recent NIDA graduate (Graduate Diploma of Dramatic Arts in Directing), she was the Festival Director of Short+Sweet Theatre Melbourne (2009 + 2010). She previous trained at the University of Ballarat, Theatre Performance, and upon completion established Phrankly Theatre with two other graduates, Nicolette Minster and Katie Boon.

Her previous productions include: Frenzy for Two (Ionesco, NIDA and Hothouse Theatre), 10,000 Cigarettes and Mandragora (Shorter+Sweeter National tour), Ambidextrous (Alistair Brown, Adelaide Fringe Festival), Macbeth (Shakespeare, Open Stage and regional school tour), Rooted (Alex Buzo, Trades Hall) and The Auxiliary (Nicolette Minster, Melbourne Fringe Festival).

She has also worked as assistant director for Gale Edwards (Glengarry Glen Ross and The Women at ACA), Max Lyandvert (Idiot, NIDA), Rob Reid (Oedipus, Eagles Nest Theatre) and for Sergio Tell (Six Characters in Search of an Author, University of Ballarat).

As of July 2012, she will be working with Paper Balloon theatre company in the UK.

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