Guardian Angel

Sam has disappeared

Rohan has to find her, and get her back

The World is Watching.

After a recent break up with her partner Rohan, Samantha is abducted. Rohan becomes the prime suspect as he tries to deal with Samantha’s abduction and assist Detective Mason and police in finding her. When footage of Samantha’s abduction materialises, Samantha and Rohan’s mutual friend Louise is Rohan’s only support as the media seize on the story. This media focus, led by the self aggrandising Angus Tully of Angus Tully Tonight, incites unwanted attention from the public, exacerbating the trauma and stress Rohan and Louise are experiencing.

When Samantha is miraculously and unexplainably found, the media’s hounding of both her and Rohan intensifies. While police hunt the ‘real’ culprits, the media circus of accusation and innuendo surrounding Samantha and Rohan goes into overdrive as they try and rebuild their lives and work out for themselves what has happened to them.

In cooperation with Broken Mirror, and The Melbourne Fringe Festival. Steam Productions is proud to present its first original work, Guardian Angel.

Writer & Director: Gavin Williams
Assistant Director: Eleni Alvertis
Cast: Constance Washington, Brook Sykes, Kelley Kerr Young, Lesley Coleman, and Bryce Padovan as Angus Tully
Supporting Cast: Johnathon Peck, Sara Burnham, CJ Jarrott, Zara Dennis
Assistant Producer: Moira Williams
Lighting Design: Douglas Montgomery
Graphic Design: Douglas Montgomery
Stage Manager: Angela Butler
Dramaturg: Mandi Burns
Script Development Team:
Catherine Lewis
Sara Burnham
John Peck
Pete Valley
Stephania Pountney
Matt Schembri
Andrew Iiles
Adrienne Sloane
Mandi Burns
Douglas Montgomery
Adam Ward
Alex McQueen
Rose Sun
Angela Butler
Amber Harris
Emma Bayly-Stark
Theodora Neave
Steven Williams

Performances: Sept 25th – Oct 6th 2013
Times: Wed-Sat at 6:00pm, Sun at 5:00pm
Where: Broken Mirror
Location: Upstairs 2c Staley St Brunswick (just off Blythe St)
Bookings: Book Now
Tickets: $23 Full, $20 Conc, $20 Groups 6+